Tally ERP 9 Download

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Tally ERP 9

Tally Solutions Free ERP 9 is a free business resource planning (ERP) platform that helps you meet all your business growth challenges. The best feature of this ERP suite is undoubtedly its flexibility. Accounting firms use programs such as Tally ERP 9. Other similar programs include CAFLOU, Deskera, Express Accounts, and Sage. With 9 you can handle work resources, instructions, lists, payments and have a complete overview of all matters related to your business in this service, allowing regular updates. (Function() {(‘check -app-page -desktop’);}); Is Tally ERP 9 good? 9 is an accounting solution that helps you control your accounting department and stay compliant with your business. And in a remote work environment, you can perform business transfers, view inventory reports, and print documents. The main goal of the 9th edition is to help companies take control of their finances. It is designed to facilitate activities such as analysis, reporting and financial planning, wherever you work, you can share information with hired accountants, staff and other professionals. The software is easy to configure and allows systematic deployment (capabilities that allow you to trigger actions when needed). 9 is robust business software with natural simplicity that covers banking, billing, revenue, purchasing, pricing, cost, labor and remote control, security monitoring, and audit and auditing functions, all designed to help you get the job done. while providing peace of mind. Whatever your requirements, 9 makes your business processes and your life easier and simpler. It has a number of features that support employees in managing and monitoring day-to-day accounting activities. It’s easy to set up, has a TCO and 9 makes it heavy, the simplest and most convenient platform of account software available. It allows you to track payments and receipts, as well as efficiently track inventory and track deliveries and sales; and Tally has the ability to automatically create earnings and balance statements.

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3uTools Sparkie Download Torrent

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Free and complete iOS Device Manager3uTools is a free software program that helps you manage the data of your iOS device on your computer or laptop. You can access a huge amount of information on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch: apps, books, ringtones, etc. The data management tool has the ability to jailbreak your iDevice with a single vault to use 3uTools? You can safely install free 3uTools downloads on Microsoft Windows PCs and laptops for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can read the privacy policy on their website to understand how developers work (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); What is 3uTools? 3uTools is a comprehensive PC application that lets you manage information on your Apple device in a user interface. You can connect your mobile device to your computer via USB cable or WIFI network. The lightning cable gives you the best connection. You should only use WIFI when the USB connection cannot back up and restore data on your handheld device. 3uTools backs up and saves files that you can use to restore your iDevice. You can manage your backup list by deleting unnecessary files, setting a password, a window will appear where you can choose whether to back up your data to your computer, manage your device passwords, or edit your backup list. Recovery mode can be used to back up iOS files to your calculator: Data Recovery. At the bottom of the screen there are customizable options: Custom Backup and Custom Restore. There is a limit to the backup mode. You cannot back up Health reports, iCloud photos, iTunes Media, tag content, activity history information, Touch ID settings, and Apple Pay information. You can click on What is a backup / restore? a link in the upper right corner of the user interface for detailed information on the various; The time required to back up and restore depends on the amount of information in the file. You can access the backup and restore button on the iDevice tab below the image, and the Toolbox section in the first part talks about how to use 3uTools? 3uTools gives you a detailed view of your connected iOS device when you use it the program starts. You can view high quality images from your iPad, iPhone or iPod. On the right side is important information about the device that tells you the iOS version, serial number and battery percentage, etc. You can see if your phone is broken or your hard drive capacity bar shows you categories that use iDevice storage space. You can see the number of GB used and the total available GB in percentage is a list of items on the left side of the iDevice card that allows you to view iOS information, apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos, books, UDisk, data, files and tools only. At the top of the user interface is an icon bar with iDevice, Apps, RT WP, Flash JB, Toolbox and Tutorials. RT WP stands for Ringtone and can control most commands in the Toolbox category: file management, data transfer, delete all data, stopiOS updates, etc. In the JB Flash area you can use your iPad or iPhoneflash and jailbreak. You can choose whether you want flash or jailbreak. The iOS app on the left recommends that you back up before flashing or jailbreaking your device. You can complete both modes with a single click by pressing the blue button in the lower right corner of the screen. Can you see the progress in 3uTools for Mac users? Although 3uTools works with Apple products, the software is not available for Mac operating systems. You can use this program for free on Windows computers with iOS mobile devices. The application is quite light and does not take up much storage space. Can I change my location on iPhone using 3uTools? 3uTools offers a virtual location mode that allows you to replicate different addresses. This feature allows you to bypass territory restrictions in video games. The VirtualLocation button is located on the Toolbox tab. You must enter the latitude and longitude of the desired location and press the Change Virtual Location button to simulate a new can to restore your current location by tapping the Restore Current Location button. Recovery requires restarting the mobile device. You can use 3uTools to install fake apps. iPogo. Dr. Fone, iFunBox, iMazing and iTools are similar to iOS managers who help you organize your multimedia content such as apps, photos, music and simulate alternative GPS locations with Dr. Phoneme. Fone and iTools. Dr. Fone brings the most deceptive features. You can simulate real-time movement along a false path by adapting to Dr. phone. All apps are free and provide an attractive all-in-one user manager for iOS3uTools users. It is a full-featured PC program that helps you organize your iOS media files in the user interface. The platform includes advanced options: SHSH backup, DFU mode, iCloud lock, baseband upgrades and upgrades, etc. You can manage applications, open SSH, compress photos, convert audio and video content and more. 3uTools has no new apps Developers are always following the latest trends and updating 3uTools releases;

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Microsoft Word Torrent Download

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Microsoft Word

The standard industry word processing program Microsoft Word is part of Microsoft Office. This business and productivity software has the ability to create beautiful and attractive documents. It is equipped with all the necessary tools for professional document processing. With this program, users can create their own work documents or a professional writing program equipped with powerful tools that are ideal for any writing task. Using this word processing program, you can turn your ideas into impressive documents. It boasts smart technology that ensures you can express your best words. For a more practical office companion for the same developer, check out Excel, PowerPoint and use documents professionally – from spelling and grammar corrections to suggested writing styles – Microsoft Word has everything to help you write confidently. This writing solution also allows users to work with other office suite programs without leaving windows. Users can receive text and elements from PowerPoint, cited research materials and information from websites. They can effectively stay up to date with research online. Word supports real-time collaboration among users. You can share documents with one click and invite others to edit or comment. Users can define language and accessibility settings to help others work with documents. For added convenience, Office 365 subscribers can view and edit any Microsoft Word document on any device, be it a mobile device, tablet, PC or Mac. Also, with a subscription to Office 365, I can get 1 TB of cloud storage per user in OneDrive. It is equipped with advanced security features to prevent data hacking. Word is available in a browser with added value such as free Word templates and the new Microsoft 365 in Word. Thanks to the latest update of Microsoft Word, the user interface looks fresh with the modern “Start” function. Users now have a clean, simple, but more understandable visual style that includes monolithic iconography, a neutral color palette, and soft window corners. It integrates with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, allowing users to save any changes as they appear in their documents. To further enrich your media content, it constantly adds a library of standard images, icons, and more to the top of Word so you can find the new Microsoft search box. This will allow users to quickly find what they are looking for. Line Focus, on the other hand, is sleek for better understanding. Now move the documents line by line without interruption. Users can adjust the focus to display one, three or five lines at a time. In addition, the Image tab has been enhanced to facilitate quick access and color change of all ink add-ons in a single document. Microsoft Word is standard software for comparing different documents. It provides users with powerful tools for practical and better writing. The app also has an additional collaboration feature that allows users to invite contacts to edit and comment in real time. With these tools at your fingertips, your document has never run in Windows 11, 10.

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Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSC Office 2019 en-US JAN 2021 {Gen2} Baixar Torrent

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Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSC Office 2019 en-US JAN 2021 {Gen2}

Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSC 2019 ESD en-US JAN 2021

Compilação da versão 1809

Office 2019 ProPlus integrado

* Arquivo:

* Tamanho: 4,96 GB

* Formato: ISO inicializável

* FONTE: X21-96425

* CRC32: 1ddc905b

* MD5: cd62c8beb06d0a675491f4b07d6f5d9c

* SHA-1: 27c40fd48860bbd42b975d052b8eeb9135afe374

Integrado / pré-instalado:

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64 bits

* Atualização da pilha de serviço:

* KB4587735

* Atualização cumulativa:

* KB4586793

* .NET framework

* .NET framework:

* KB4486153

Atualização cumulativa para

* .NET framework e:

* KB4580979

* Atualização de segurança do Flash Player:

* KB4580325

Configuração completa / pós-instalação:

* Atualizações do defensor


* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019

* Office 2019 Pro Plus

* Ativadores: HWID KMS online

* Recuperação UEFI

* (Use a ferramenta Rufus USB anexada para tornar UEFI inicializável)

* Kit de ferramentas de diagnóstico recuperação (apenas)

* compactado em formato de recuperação ()

* Crie USB inicializável (recomendado) com Rufus,

* (incluído) ou gravar em DVD-DL em velocidade lenta.
Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSC Office 2019 en-US JAN 2021 {Gen2} torrent

* Windows_Addict, Authtor ou script de ativação do Windows

* Espero que você goste desta versão!

* Cumprimentos,

* Generation2

* Windows 10 Pro X64 incluindo Office 2019 ProPlus pt-BR maio de 2020

* Compilação da versão 2004

* Arquivo:

* Tamanho: 4,90 GB

* Formato: ISO inicializável

* CRC32: 47c18ff2

* MD5: c01ed42ee2e9f08eb9461f5d49094c49

* SHA-1: 8e0f6bc78a0a95ffcf1b31c606b1a01c01882250

Integrado / pré-instalado:

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64 bits

* Atualização cumulativa:

* KB4556803

* NET framework


* Windows 10 Pro

* Office 2019 ProPlus

* Ativadores: HWID KMS online

* Recuperação UEFI

* (Use a ferramenta Rufus USB anexada para tornar UEFI inicializável)

* Kit de ferramentas de diagnóstico recuperação (Microsoft DaRT)

* compactado em formato de recuperação ()

* Crie USB inicializável (recomendado) com Rufus,

* (incluído) ou gravar em DVD-DL em velocidade lenta.

* WindowsAddict, Authtor ou script de ativação do Windows

* Espero que você goste desta versão!

* Cumprimentos,

* Generation2.

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Windows 10 Pro en-US v1909 x64 BiT Activated-KBO torrent

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Windows 10 Pro en-US v1909 x64 BiT Activated-KBO

O Windows 10 v1909 está permanentemente ativado pode ser atualizado!

Com Windows 10 Pro, você é um grande parceiro de negócios. Possui todas as funções do sistema operacional Windows 10 Home, além de importantes funções de negócios para criptografia, gravação remota, criação de máquinas virtuais muito mais. Inicialização rápida, um menu Iniciar familiar, mas expandido, novos modos excelentes, além de recursos inovadores como um navegador da web totalmente novo um assistente digital da Cortana mais personalizado.

Arquivo: Windows 10 Pro en-US v1909 k64 BiT

Tamanho: GB

Formato: ISO para executar

Suporte UEFI: SIM

Ativado anteriormente: SIM

Preparação UEFI

Torne-o executável UEFI com a ferramenta Rufus USB incluída.

1: gravar em ISO DVD ou copiar em Rufus USB

2: Instale

3: Concluído


– Divulgar informações

Versão do sistema operacional: 1709 OS

Versão ativada (nenhuma ferramenta de ativação adicional necessária)


– Informações de instalação

1. Windows 10 Pro en-US v1909 x64 BiT Activated-KBO Torrent Download
queimar / reparar

3. Aproveite!


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Coolutils Total Outlook Converter Pro 5 64/32 Bit Download Torrent

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Coolutils Total Outlook Converter Pro 5

Total Outlook Converter Pro will help you convert Outlook emails to PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, TIFF in batches. While some email converters can handle email, they only work halfway by leaving attachments in their original format. Total Outlook Converter Pro goes a step further by helping to convert all emails and their attachments.

Findings and claims

Convert Outlook email to PDF in the most convenient way. Attach or pin an attachment to the generated PDF. Search by email with any sender, subject, date or keyword. Our Outlook converter can also press bits, add (secret) text labels, convert output files to tin numbers.


If you feel it’s time to switch to another email program, Total Outlook Converter Pro will export the email to an Apple-approved EML or MBOX file.

Report schedule

Get all emails from PST files converted with one of the best files and general information like date / time / from / from / body information. Then it is easier to load the report into the database or do more analysis.

Save old email

Once you’ve decided to clear Outlook and save a copy of your email to your hard drive, our switch is at your fingertips. Save Outlook emails as PDF, PDF / A, DOC, TXT, HTML, TIFF, JPEG files to open without email software. Parents who live far away or their children’s education bills, whatever you consider important should be kept in case you don’t have an internet connection. All options are unique

Total Convert XML converts XML to CSV, JSON, PDF. This is unique software for converting your XML files to other file types. The application interface is clear and simple. You can convert XML files or multiple folders (the program will set the folder structure).

Total XML Converter supports XSLT conversion; just add your XSLT file.

The tool will also create XML in human -readable form or vice versa.

Convert XML files via command line or user image templates.

Total XML Converter supports modern XML documents and maintains a uniform original format.

In addition to XML, the converter also supports YAML, SML, FO, and JSON files.






XSLT changed

XML in human readable form

Simple settings

Remove the user interface

Command line support

ActiveX and Server Versions

Windows 10 is the same

What’s new:

Update: the official website does not provide details on changes in this version.

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