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Free Professional Mixing SoftwareVirtualDJ is a digital audio workstation (DAW) and virtual mixing software for DJs. It can be used to select and edit music and playlists for events and is packed with different layouts, modes, streaming features and customization options. Just like music software like Serato or Ableton, Virtual DJ bridges the gap between the music and the audience, leaving the DJ with all the necessary tools to fill the learning space, but it’s difficult to control. VirtualDJ has a very intuitive interface that makes it easy to start, switch and connect multiple tracks. Once a track is activated, the software’s automatic plug-and-play detection makes it the ideal DJ software to take advantage of connected controllers and mixers. The free version of VirtualDJ can be downloaded for Windows 7 and above or Mac devices as the industry standard DJ. Some parts of VirtualDJ are more difficult to understand than others. With the frequently poked, prodded and reviewed FAQ pages, you can use the software to modify the audio as needed. It conveniently covers the basics with basic tools like controller integration and real-time volume mixing. Other features, such as syncing songs to a common tempo, are hidden in Ableton. VirtualDJ prioritizes professional live music streaming (hence the name) over composing and recording. For aspiring composers and arrangers, there are more powerful alternatives, such as FL Studio or Cubase. Although it may not be immediately intuitive, VirtualDJ also has an event scheduling option that helps sync music, videos, and images. This impressive array of visual features enhances performance and provides creative control beyond just tweaking and editing VirtualDJ’s visual soundtracks, which is unique and sets it apart from other similar software. It is especially useful for a DJ whose job it is to be the center of attention and entertain the room. This saves you having to download video clips beforehand and gives you a decent selection of visual options to complement the title you’re playing. The visuals can even react to the rhythm and frequency of the sound. Recent updates have also provided VirtualDJ with videos that display slideshows, album covers or other images during a live performance. It plays a full-screen presentation to enhance (or parallel) the music you’re playing, adding another layer to your performance possibilities. For karaoke nights, this can also be set to display the lyrics. Video skins can also be set to stream to Facebook or the standard version is free. VirtualDJ is a great platform for any aspiring DJ to get started. It has been a staple food for more than 132 million people for 20 years. The DAW has been constantly updated and improved based on user feedback. This led to the addition of new features and made it simple for beginners to understand the features of this mixer software to use and work better than others. This means it can implement crossfades, speed adjustments, SFX and logic hints. On Windows, it’s also great for organizing your song collection,as it integrates seamlessly with native folders. You can access content from anywhere on your computer, from your hard drive to iTunes. It’s even compatible with Serato vs Serato Under normal circumstances, Serato and Ableton seem to be VirtualDJ’s closest competitors. All three are popular digital audio workstations used around the world, offering a wealth of features and powerful tools for creating and organizing all types of music. However, this is not necessarily the case. Like VirtualDJ, Serato allows users to mix music stored on a computer or stream music. It also offers all kinds of mixing, scratching and 3rd party support, its selection is not as robust as VirtualDJ, Serato has some possibilities for live games. The streamlined interface makes it easy to switch and change tracks on the spot, giving it an edge over VirtualDJ’s more complex and claustrophobic setup. Rather than exploit and expose their differences, VirtualDJ has wisely chosen to integrate Serato into its own product: local music from Serato’s Crates can be pulled directly into VirtualDJ for ease of use. Anything created in Serato’s more spartan interface can also be played live through VirtualDJ. This way you can still use VirtualDJ’s superior visual and live playback options, even if the mix was created using Serato. Compared to both options, Ableton is similar but different. Rather than flashy graphics or a silky smooth user interface, Ableton’s strengths lie in its session and arrangement perspectives. In Windows, a quick click of the Tab key switches between these. The session view is similar to the VirtualDJ interface and displays a series of tracks in horizontal order. They can be mixed, paused, looped, filtered and volume adjusted in real time. The order view, on the other hand,​​​​lists stripes vertically and expands them for small adjustments and fine-tuning. This mode is great for compositing, and Layering Over is the best of the three for file management and video assets, but it’s no easier to learn than Ableton or Serato. All three programs take time, practice and dedication to master, just like any instrument. It is rare for a user to switch between the three programs; Chances are you’ll be wearing it to gigs no matter what you choose. Because the basic version of VirtualDJ is free, it remains the most popular DAW, easy to learn but hard to master. VirtualDJ is a heavy professional multimedia tool that is initially free to download. Unfortunately, this free tier blocks the use of USB and MIDI controllers and limits use with external analog mixers. It also doesn’t allow you to record and store podcasts online. However, considering these drawbacks, VirtualDJ is a great DAW gateway for any aspiring DJ or arranger. When there is enough time, the program (and a paid subscription) can be used quite professionally.

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