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Stay in touch as a free Google Chrome extension that gives Facebook users easy access to their favorite social networking platforms right from their browser. With single sign-on, users can communicate with their friends and family while using their desktop or laptop for other purposes. The Messages app notifies you of status updates, invites, and upcoming events in real-time with a fully integrated extension designed to bridge the gap between social networking and real, social everywhere. A traditional website requires users to sign in, but notifications and updates are provided only when viewing the website. This often results in users leaving a tab open in their browser to update things as they happen. However, this isn’t always practical, and if you’re using a browser, things can get messy very quickly. Google Chrome’s Facebook extension solves this problem to make the world a better place. Users can communicate with Facebook without providing their browsing experience. In fact, it’s only increasing. Notification lets users know when something happens instead of having to refresh the webpage every few minutes or (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Contact Friends and Family Without having to enter a custom URL for the website version, the extension allows users to send and receive messages and notifications about important events, updates, and posts. Basically, it’s like using Facebook the way you feel, only better!

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